Dec. 1st, 2014

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(1) Drove Michael to work, because we have only one car and I almost always need it.
(2) Had a meeting with the "learning specialist" at a ritzy private school. I had written to her pitching my professional services in various capacities, and she wrote back asking for an in-person meeting. It went swimmingly. She kept saying things like, "Oh, you phrase that so beautifully." She's putting me on the (short) list of psychologists she recommends to parents, and it seems very likely that the school will also be hiring me to do some parent workshops on topics like, "How not to let your hugely pressured, wealthy, achievement-oriented life turn your child into a big bucket of stress."
(3) Read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to the kids.
(4) Did intensive prep for my world religion class, including mixing up cookie dough, making templates for the kids to use to cut things out, and assembling a massive array of craft supplies.
(5) Ran to the grocery store because we were out of vanilla for the cookies for religion class.
(6) Drove to the homeschool center. Set up my classroom. Taught my world religion class about the holiday of the week: St. Lucia Day. We made Lucia cat cookies, the girls made St. Lucia candle crowns, and the boys made St. Lucia "star boy" hats. We learned to sing one verse of the carol, and then we paraded through the homeschool center in our headgear, singing the carol and serving people little cakes.
(7) Cleaned up the massively messy classroom. Snippets of posterboard, gold paper, pine garland, and craft foam were everywhere, and that's not even mentioning the powdered sugar and bits of cookie dough.
(8) Ran to the bagel shop to get lunch for Alex and myself. (Colin went home with his best friend for lunch and playtime.)
(9) Prepped for my math class. We start each class with a few questions on last week's topic, which I collect and grade. I checked their pre-Thanksgiving work, made a new one for this week, and ran off twelve copies.
(10) A client came in while I was prepping my math class, and we had a quick on-the-fly consultation. She's thinking of enrolling her child in a private school for kids with language-based disabilities, and wanted to make sure that the evaluation I'm doing is going to meet their entrance requirements.
(11) Taught my math class how to multiply and divide mixed numbers.
(12) Came home from the homeschool center with Alex and her friend Lily. They walked the dog while I prepped a biology lesson. Then I gave them a snack and taught them how to use a microscope. They were thrilled.
(13) Attempted to put the kitchen back in order, including running the dishwasher and hand-washing quite a few additional dishes as well. Why were there still dishes from last night's dinner? That is totally not my responsibility.
(14) Listened to Colin read from The Elephant Family Book and fielded his complaints that "Elephants are so sexist." (Because they're matriarchal, that's why.)
(15) Picked Michael up from the light rail stop, in the rain.

Still to come:
(16) Put away all my teaching stuff.
(17) Make dinner - stir-fried chicken and mushrooms in ginger sauce, a raw veggie platter, rice.
(18) Return a client phone call. This one won't be fun.
(19) Prep for tomorrow's testing client.
(20) Have a drink and go to bed early. Although by that point it will probably be more like "early," in quotes.


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